In-Studio Yoga – General Level (1hr)

‘General’ level classes are the place to start if you have never done yoga or haven’t been for a while.

Discover the foundations of a physically based yoga practice from highly qualified and experienced instructors.

We respect peoples different needs and abilities and can adjust poses  to suit all levels of fitness and flexibility.

You’ll work on standing poses and some seated poses. You will quickly experience the physical and mental benefits of this powerful practice. You will feel stronger, more stable, less restricted and calmer. You will likely gain relief from long standing aches and pains and valuable moments of clarity if otherwise highly stressed

Foundations classes are also good for people who have done some yoga but need a less physically demanding class.

I seriously can’t recommend this studio enough! All the teachers I’ve had at GCY have brought their own unique presence to the classes, highlighting important features of each pose and allowing us as students to feel completely at ease with our bodies’ capabilities.


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Otherwise call the studio 52291831 or simply come in a few minutes before a class so as we can register you.


Before you start

  • Tell your teacher before class if you have an injury or health condition.
  • Wear comfortable clothes you can freely move in. We do yoga in bare feet.
  • It’s best if you haven’t eaten right before yoga. Leave 3-4 hours after a main meal or 1-2 hours after a snack.
  • You don’t need to bring anything – we supply all equipment. Some people prefer to bring their own mats.